So, back to Women 2.0…there was a marketing person from Rio, I believe (the mp3 player, not the fantasy destination). She said she wasn’t really into the whole branding and forced marketing sort of thing. She didn’t seem to be completely against branding, just passive about it…willing to leave perception to chance.
So I start thinking, to be or not to be…a control freak. See, when it comes to branding and PR, you want to make an effort to influence what/how the public knows and thinks about you. Now I know there is no such thing as having complete control, unless your like Jody Foster or something.

But, for a self-proclaimed control freak like myself, I kind of like the idea dabbling with the perception/reality connection. What’s so wrong with guiding, nudging, helping others along in their understanding of a product, service, company, person, animal…? You get my point.