In MediaPost's Behavioral Insider, Phil Leggiere interviewed Tom Burgess, CEO of Third Screen Media, about pushing advertising directly to Internet and video-enable mobile devices. While I have no personal interest in taking advantage of this technology to reach the 20 million people surfing the Internet via cell phone, I can’t help but ponder how I could use it to serve clients, help them to serve their customers and communicate with colleagues.

I can see the millions of snippets now…

  • Every business coach in the world sending weekly words of wisdom to clients
  • Ministers issuing pre-election edicts
  • Psychics and astrologists helping their minions start their day
  • The 5 million Americans with video-enabled handsets squinting to view presentations and pre-recorded webcasts, while driving, of course
  • Adult site surprises

Ok. Now that the sky has fallen, and knowing that the security companies like TrendMicro offer mobile security solutions (you can get their Mobile Security v2.0 for free), I can turn my attention playing with, I mean testing, the use of cell phones, pdas and hybrids to push content.