Not if you know what to do with the technology.

The key will be moving past the novelty and fascination, and really looking at how podcasts can help to best serve/benefit clients, students, partners, customers, employees, colleagues and potentials.

According to an eMarketer report, U.S. podcast audiences will reach:

  • 10 million in 2006
  • 25 million by 2008
  • 50 million by 2010

In those numbers lies a great deal of potential for advertisers. eMarketer anticipates advertising spending for podcasting reaching $80 million in 2006 and $300 million by 2010.

And, while they have apparently trailed consumer-oriented businesses, b2b businesses are increasingly looking toward podcasting, as well as search, blogs, Webinars, social networks, behavioral targeting and video applications, to market themselves to other companies.