Who is responsible for the marketing, client relations and customer communications efforts behind the $700 billion bailout?
In the legal profession, law firms are responding to client concerns by developing new practice groups focused on the economic crisis, according to today’s edition of The National Law Journal.
From “recovery task force” to “bail out task force,” firms are moving swiftly to help allay fears and guide clients through this cloud of uncertainty.
“Clients are really looking to understand the terms of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act,” the $700 billion bailout package signed into law last week, said Paul Merolla, head of LeClairRyan’s financial services practice group.  Whether clients understand the finer points of the bailout or not, most of them are relieved, he noted.

The American Bar Association apparently even asked law firm Carlton Fields to create a “white paper” on what the bailout plans means.  The analysis is expected to be completed this week.

You may not have created it, you may not like it, but the current economic conditions and credit crisis could be your opportunity to help move clients through this cloud of uncertainty.

You can learn more about the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act at http://financialservices.house.gov/