Finally! Someone has developed an app that is supposed to make it easier to type on the iPhone in landscape mode, at least for email.  What’s interesting is, seems like folks are kind of pissed that Apple didn’t allow/include this functionality in the first place.   This morning in TechCrunch… 

Now a new iPhone application called TouchType fixes the problem. Open the application and you get a landscape mode keypad. Type an email, hit the send button and it auto-populates the email application. Type in the email addresses and you’re all set.

The application, which costs $.99, comes from the same developer, Mike Schneider, who created Direct Line (easy phone tree navigation) and Private-I (loJack for your iPhone). I like how this guy thinks.
I’m adding this to my must have iPhone apps list.

CNet’s iPhone Atlas recommends this app for those who prefer to type email messages in landscape vs portrait mode.