For the uninitiated, VloMo08 (formerly NaVloPoMo) is Videoblogging/Vlogging Month 2008.
The mission, should you choose to except it, is to post video clips, every day, for the month of November.

Why would a marketer care?  Just imagine the possibilities!  You could:

  • Poll customers about their business needs – Customer Relationship Development
  • Obtain “market data” from potential customers – Market Research
  • Document your business ideas…at least those you don’t mind making public – Pre-initiative Measurement
  • Gain and share insight into employee needs and concerns – Internal Communications
  • Position yourself as Web2.0 savvy – New Media
  • Record your “professional words of wisdom” and share them with colleagues – Personal Branding

 Rules and Guidelines…Very few:

  • You can use video cameras, your digital camera’s video function or even cell phone video.
  • If you can’t post every day, that’s ok. Post as often as you can.
  • The videos do not have to be shot the same day that they are posted. In fact, you can use your existing footage. 
  • The clips don’t have to be lengthy or high quality.
  • You’ll be able to put the feed for that channel into Miro, iTunes or whatever reader or aggregator you choose.
  • The official VloMo08 Channel is on mefeedia –

You can also follow along at 
Note: You will get some general videoblogging tweets along with VloMo08 tweets.