Like many of you, I signed up for Twitter some time ago… but I’m JUST starting to put it into use. 

As I was digging my way into the black hole of everything from Twitter and Twello, to Twitterati.alltop and WikiYou, (where did it go?) , I came across Guy Kawasaki‘s advice on picking up followers. 

Guy does a pretty good job of spelling out the top Twitter “To Do’s.”  Small businesses and those relying on mobile marketing will find his tips especially useful.  The post is a lengthy read but worth the time.  Following are the highlights of “Looking for Mr. Goodtweet: How to Pick up Followers on Twitter.”

btw – You can catch me at if you would like to follow me and contribute to my twitterrificness.  So much work to do!!!

Tip 1: Follow the “smores (social media whores*).”
They are the folks with large number of followers and seem to be the opinion leaders (and perhaps even “heroes”) of Twitter. You can get a good idea of who they are by viewing Twitterati.alltop, TwitterCounter, and Egos.alltop.

Tip 2: Send @ messages to the smores. They probably won’t answer you, but that’s okay. All you want to do is appear like you have a relationship with them to enhance your credibility.

Tip 3: Create an effective avatar. Your avatar is a window into your soul, so you need to create one that doesn’t look like you shot it with a camera phone while you were drunk. In most cases, use a simple, informal straight-up photo of just your face—not you and your dog, car, kids, or surfboard.

Tip 4: Follow everyone who follows you.When I first started on Twitter, Robert Scoble told me to follow everyone who followed me.

Tip 5: Always be linking.The fact that your cat rolled over or your flight is delayed isn’t interesting, so get outside of your mundanity and link to interesting stories and pictures—you should think of yourself as a one-person StumbleUpon. The Twitter pickup artist’s mantra is ABL (“Always Be Linking”).

Tip 6: Establish yourself as a subject expert. One thing is for sure about Twitter: there are some people interested in every subject and every side of every subject. By establishing yourself as a subject expert, you will make yourself interesting to some subset of people.

Tip 7: Incorporate pictures and other media. Who can resist a tweet such as “Picture of my new puppy”? Nobody, that’s who. And your topic doesn’t have to be anything as sweet as a puppy.

Tip 8: Use the right tools. At the end of the day, you either have many followers or you don’t. A good effort doesn’t count, so you might as well use the right tools to make picking up followers as easy as possible.

Tip 9: Repeat your tweets.Try this experiment: take your most interesting tweets (as measured by how many people retweet them, perhaps) and post them again three times, eight to twelve hours apart.

Tip 10: Ask people to follow. That’s right just come right out and ask them to follow you. For example, I’m here if you want to follow me.

Want more? Check out Guy’s How to Use Twitter as a Twool post.