…or, Recession saves marriages.  Things are so rough, Nolo’s Legal Marketing Blawg says couples are putting off divorce! 

Following are tips for marketing legal services from Nolo’s Legal Marketing Blawg , the Legal Marketing Secrets blog, and Legal Marketing Blog.com.  They offer great tips that can be considered and applied by all professional services firms to keep the currency flowing. 

Nolo’s Legal Marketing Blawg suggests:

1.  Show Clients Your Budget Options 
Identify ways for clients to keep their legal fees low. 

  • Perhaps a client can’t afford your deluxe estate planning package right now, but can pay for the bare essentials.  When the economy improves, the client might decide to pay for an upgrade. 
  • Tell corporate clients that you can draft their incorporation papers but let them take care of the filing on their own to save extra fees. 
  • Instead of charging clients each time they call for a status update, you could implement a secure online portal or project management tool (such as Basecamp or Zoho) where clients can check on the progress of their case themselves or download documents rather than calling you.

2.  Layaway Plans 
Accommodate clients by allowing installment payments or spreading out retainer payments.  Clients would deposit money into a lawyer’s retainer account where it would be help in trust until sufficient funds are collected to pay the cost of the work.

3.  Bring Out the Bargains
Consider the Free Trademarks for Start Ups program that’s being offered by attorney Erik Heels of the Clock Tower Law Group.   Basically, if you’re an already incorporated start-up, Heels will file your first trademark for free. 

Over at the Legal Marketing Secrets blog 5 of Cole Silver, Esq. suggestions are:

  • Review your practice areas and get a clear picture as to each area’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Look for new areas of practice to supplement your current practice.
  • Call your current clients and see how you can help them weather the storm.
  • Network with other lawyers to form joint ventures for increased referrals.
  • Continue to execute more efficient ways to do business.

And above all…
Some firms are cutting their marketing expenses due to the slowdown viewing them as “overhead”.  Don’t make this mistake.  Now is the best time to do more marketing because when the tide changes, clients will remember you were there for them.

Legal Marketing Blog.com grabbed tips from the YouCan’tBuyThat.com

  • “Find ways to engage in conversation with your heavy users and fanatical consumers. More than ever, your brand’s stalkers (again, read clients who could make referrals) are going to help you spread the word.”
  • Invest in good people, as they’ll figure out to get the job done even in the bad times.
  • “All hands on deck,” meaning that everyone in the organization should have a “sales mentality.”
  • Remain consistent, since you don’t want others (clients, referral sources, vendors, or anyone for that matter) to get a whiff of panic emanating from the firm.