There is an interesting article about leveraging social media status updates for the purpose of driving profitability, from the Windchimes social media agency.  Post – “How to use your status updates profitably

It’s a good start for thinking about taking advantage of this feature of social networks and microblogging, when developing marketing initiatives.   While successful planning and results may likely require additional thinking down to the minutiae, I can see the effort being well worth the work.

From Facebook and Twitter, to LinkedIn and Mashable… the channels are never ending!

They’ve outlined seven key uses, and one bonus:

  • User participation
  • Brand promotion
  • Announcements
  • News updates
  • Recruitment
  • Surveying
  • Donations

and…911 (as opposed to giving out 411’s)

Love the fact that they have a sense of humor.  Windchime’s Nimesh Shah describes himself as Gemini by nature, MBA by degree.