For those who don’t know, Santa Clara University (SCU) is my alma mater. While it has been years since I’ve been there, I have seen the University grow so much and stay at the forefront of technology, social justice, and take a willingness to look forward.

So, I was thrilled to find out that Santa Clara University School of Law is holding an open house in Second Life today. The National Law Journal’s Leigh Jones says it’s considered the first event of its kind! The event is designed to attract potential students and emphasize the law school’s close ties with the technology industry in the Silicon Valley area of California.

Over at the Above the Law blawg, they say

Santa Clara law students could have their law librarian to thank for the school’s foray into the virtual world. Sources report that the new law librarian over at Santa Clara is an avid Second Lifer. In addition, we’ve learned that Santa Clara has hosted other legal seminars in Second Life, over at “Santa Clara Island.”

SCU’s Second Life cyber-campus opened on November 1st. On Santa Clara Island, visitors will find a simulation of SCU’s new library and learning center, including a teaching classroom, reading area, theater, art gallery, bookstore, and cafĂ©. Other campus buildings, such as the de Saisset Museum and Mission Church, will also have cyber counterparts.

According to the Second Life blog,

over 200 educators from nearly as many universities and colleges use it for classes, research, learning and projects with their students, bringing a new dimension to learning. A large, active education community is engaged in the Grid. Harvard University, Texas State University, and Stanford University have set up virtual campuses where students can meet, attend classes, and create content together.