Everyone is jumping on the eco bandwagon, and understandably so.  It’s hawt, it’s cool, it’s financially lucrative and it’s the new brand accessory. 

But, when Pepsi sent, unsolicited, a 5 lb overnight shipment of three half-liter bottles of Aquafina water to TechCrunch to promote their reduced-plastic, plastic bottles, the stunt went slightly awry.

Lesson learned: When marketing eco-friendly products, remember, it’s not just about the product. It’s about the process, as well.

Michael so astutely notes,  “I’m concerned that Pepsi decided to promote its new “eco-friendly” product by proactively shipping, via Fedex overnight, 5 lb boxes of the water to press around the country. And then sending a second batch either in error or to reinforce the message. That’s not very eco-friendly (if anyone knows the carbon cost of sending these boxes, let me know, then multiply it by hundreds or thousands of press). It all seems a little wasteful.”

Here is the full TechCrunch article. 


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