Web2Expo Keynote BannerWeb 2.0’s first keynote session on Wednesday brought together Tim O’Reilly of O’Reilly Media, John Maeda, President of RISN, Stephen Elop of Microsoft and Mark Carges of eBay.

With a key theme being the web as a platform, speakers made their cases for:

  • Harnessing collective intelligence (O’Reilly)
  • The trend toward the power of less, including building a simple system and letting it evolve (O’Reilly)


  • Web2Expo Keynote: John Maeda  The complexity of simplicity (Maeda)


  • Web2Expo Keynote: Stephen Elop with O'Reilly  The need to continue to innovate and uphold productivity (Elop)


  • Web2Expo Keynote: Mark Carges, eBay  Importance of developing technology beyond the Internet (Carges) 
  • Creating technology that adapts to people’s lives (Carges) 

More from Web2Expo to come!

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