While W2E Launch Pad offered several new companies the opportunity to give a five-minute spiel about their businesses, my absolute favorite was zeaLOG, whose tag is “Keep track. Measure up.”

zeaLOG at W2E Launch Pad  

Was it the witty delivery?  Was it my own almost insatiable desire for data?  Was it the fact that it can be used on mobile devices?  Don’t know.  All I know is that I plan go through my mind maps to pinpoint some key activities to track.

Not only is the program cool, you can track anything! Anything you can quantify… you can do with  zeaLOG.

Suggested actions for getting the most out of tracking and measuring…

  • Be specific
  • Measurable
  • Monitor progress
  • Tell other people

This year’s Launch Pad finalists were:

LAUNCH PAD WINNER – PhoneGap by nitobi

Created by Nitobi at iPhoneDevCamp 2008, PhoneGap is an open source development framework for building mobile applications with JavaScript. With PhoneGap, you can author apps in HTML and JavaScript and still take advantage of native mobile device capabilities like geo-location, camera, vibration and sound. PhoneGap applications run on iPhone, Android and Blackberry.


80legs provides a web-scale platform for content discovery and analysis.  Developers will use 80legs to analyze the Internet at blazing fast speeds (2 billion pages/day on a 50,000-node supercomputer) and very low costs ($2.00 per million pages crawled; $0.03 per CPU-hr).  With 80legs, the Internet is yours.


zeaLOG is a place to collect and visualize personal data.  Users graph their data alone or in groups, tracking everything from weight and exercise to drinking habits, mileage, movie watching, even sexual activity. Collaborate, compete and measure up. If you can quantify it, you can zeaLOG it.


Bantam allows business teams to create secure social workspaces to share information, track activity, and manage contact and company relationships inside and outside the organization. Status updating, auto-posting, following, notifying, messaging, and profile pointing features weave purposefully into business workflow objects (activities, CRM, events, project management, etc.) for users to become aware and interact with their colleagues and contacts.


DUB gives you a simple, smart way to exchange contact information from your mobile phone. Your contact’s info loads directly into your existing mobile address book and is automatically updated whenever your contact changes their information (phone, email, address, etc.). Create your mobile business card with DUB.

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More from Web2Expo to come!