What do you call 54 hours, 200 or so folks, 3 dogs and the emergence of 23 awesome startups?

 Startup Weekend San Francisco 2009, aka #SWSF09 on Twitter!

It was a one-of-a-kind experience where I had the opportunity to meet and work with some awesome people, learn from seasoned VCs, and bask in the ingenuity and community that abounds in the Bay Area!

Team Democlarity

Team Democlarity




Back  l-r Robert, Marcus, Julian, Hillary, Tyrone, Conor

Front l-r Phillip, me (Sherbeam), Mariam, Aris

It was an awesome event in more ways than I could have imagined.  Julian traveled from San Diego with the idea of making the legislative process, and the opportunity to take action, more accessible to people. The folks above gravitated to his idea, and team Democlarity was born.  

Thank you to the following people for capturing the weekend in words and photos!

Photos and coverage can be found on the Startup Weekend San Franciso site. 

Anand Iyer,  Microsoft’s ambassador to Northern California, wrote an article which he made available using one of the startups from this weekend, www.hubb.me.  Anand, big thanks to you and Microsoft for hosting us!

George Su of Tech Rant and Rave offers his take on the startups that were developed this weekend, as well as photos.  Thanks for capturing the weekend George!