You’ve heard about the Triple Bottom Line, now meet the Triple Bottom Line Threat, courtesy of David Gottfried, author of Greed to Green.

The founder of the U.S. Green Building Council gave an impassioned talk about current trends in clean technology and the greening of America and shared his view on the economy we’ve built — where fiscal and environmental debt and time-famine are the norm — during the grand opening of the GreenV Sustainability Center.

The Triple Bottom Line

Whether you subscribe to the Three P’s of People, Planet and Profit or the The E’s of Economy, Environment and Equity, the Triple Bottom Line is an approach to business where instead of viewing economic gain, environmental prosperity and social justice as conflicting concepts, all three are seen as important considerations in smart decision making. 

As for the Triple Bottom Line Threat, David pointed out several key threats to be addressed if we are to move forward successfully:

Equity / People
  • People being treated as waste, to be thrown away when the focus is on short term profitability 
  • Time famine, as people spend more than ten hours a week commuting to work
Economy / Profit 
  • An economy of go, go, go, build, build, build
  • Growth as an embedded, implicit term in our existing economy, where bigger is seen as better
Environment / Planet
  • The treatment of resources like water and energy as free, building an economy around a comfortable lifestyle, without taking waste and depletion of resources into account
  • A lack of understanding of data of the earth 
Moving forward
  1. It’s time for green to start at home, with how we live… our footprint.
  2. The nouveau green movement should continue to focus on the individual / health benefit of being green; an important shift as we move from not only “greening” structures, but “greening” the way we live.
  3. It’s time to focus on regeneration, supplying more than we take while preventing or eliminating waste. 
  4. It’s time for the billionaires of the future to build business models around doing more by using less.
So, let’s get to it!

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