Mozilla’s VP of Mobile, Jay Sullivan, positioned the company at the forefront of the mobile web during his keynote: “The Web platform and mobile innovation,” delivered at the ARM techcon³.

One problem with the mobile web, as Sullivan sees it, is the existence of multiple operating systems, requiring different versions of an application to run on: palm webOS, WindowsMobile, symbian, android, Maemo, LiMo Foundation and of course, iPhone.

The solution?
“Turn to the Web browser as the application development platform in order to reduce risk and development time, and maximize reach for application developers.”

The current “Engine of innovation is the web.” In the very near future, Sullivan expects the engine of innovation to be mobile phones as well.

There are currently 5 – 6 billion mobile phones. And Sullivan expects all growth between 2010 and 2020 to happen from mobile phones.

With nearly 24% of the Web browser market share and its Canvas 3 → WebGL development, Mozilla is setting out to make sure developers have what is needed.

Sullivan outlined 3 things developers are going to need to create great applications:

“The phones I’m carrying around are more powerful than my computers were 10, 15 years ago”

It’s now possible to bring “beautiful” downloadable fonts to the web real-time, without having to create it on the server side and serve it up as an image.


  • Super Responsive apps
  • Raw Execution speed
  • Leverage multi-core