Switches and routers? That is so 2000.  Cisco is moving into 2010 and beyond with the launch of a technology service that will allow medical specialists to make video house calls to patients.  The company known for providing key equipment for Internet infrastructure has re-upped its relevancy by taking a front seat in medical technology.

Cisco’s move is brilliant!

  • Cisco is stepping into an industry dominated by companies most outsiders have never heard of…
  • They are offering a consumer-oriented healthcare product that is likely to become a necessity in healthcare…
  • With video on its way to accounting for 90% of all consumer IP traffic, Cisco is leveraging the trend and positioning its brand for greater relevancy and longevity.

The move follows the company’s purchase of the Flip camcorder earlier this year.

For those who are wondering, I do not work for Cisco, but can appreciate a good move when I see one.