The UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen was about more than reaching for a new, globally accepted climate change accord.  Two weeks of talks have demonstrated how far we’ve come in terms of technology.

The last time global talks received such attention from all sectors of society was during the 1999 World Trade Organization meeting, in Seattle. I recall relying on television coverage for nightly updates on the talks, agreements, disagreements, protests and issues at hand.

blue - developed nations / red - developing nations (Wikipedia)

Copenhagen, aka COP15, was an entirely difference animal. From live blogging and streaming video, to second-by-second Twitter updates and the flood of easily downloadable photos – we have come a long way!

The digital divide appears to be narrowing and mobile devices are becoming a great equalizer.

Urban high school students, President of Maldives, African youth, island nation of Tuvalu, everyday concerned citizens – communities that have historically been significantly impacted by global talks without any influence – now have easily accessible tools with which to share information, mobilize and exert a voice that might otherwise go unheard.