Whether it knows it not, 2010 has a lot riding on its arrival. Its unemployed are awaiting jobs. Its businesses are hoping for growth. Its markets are expecting a turnaround. Its global governments are hoping for a reprieve.

And, its spiritual guides are ‘knowing’ that it is arriving on time.

How is 2010 handling the pressure?

AndaPR sat down for an interview with 2010, and this is what it had to say.

2010: I’ve been waiting in the wings for awhile, but I will be arriving on time. I realize the later half of this decade has been tough for many of you, but you will make it through.

All that I ask is that you move forward with me. I may not fly like 1999 or rise as high as 2007. I won’t progress as quickly as 2005, but I won’t knock you on your *** like 2008 and 2009 either!

You might trip. You might slip. Heck, you might even fall. All that I ask is that you get back up, because I won’t leave you behind.

Predictions: 2010 is going to be the year of global emergence!

In 1999, Alan Greenspan asked, “How long can the U.S. economy remain an island of prosperity in a world of depression?”

  • In 2010, the United States and other world economies will more honestly realize the interdependence of our economies, and the collaboration needed to emerge from the doldrums.

Until 1994, South Africa upheld apartheid, a system of legal racial segregation and discrimination against native, Black South Africans.

  • In 2010, the continent of Africa will take its place in the spotlight. From South Africa hosting the World Cup – to Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (Africa’s first female elected head-of-state) announcing her intention to run for re-election – to the continent’s growing importance as an investment destination, Africa, its people and its economy will come to the forefront.

Throughout 2008 and 2009 the world looked toward all things green as an economic and social savior.

  • The promises of green tech, cleantech and green building are going to take hold. Formerly seen as disparate industries, the integration of green tech, cleantech and green building will drive entire economic sector that will benefit and influence other lagging sectors including the automotive industry, (reformed) finance, and development.

Happy New Year and welcome to 2010!